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Wendy Brundage Huntley LCSW, CCS


Life on life's terms will eventually bring most of us to our knees.  I have spent twenty seven years working to assist clients to heal wounds, identify strengths, and begin to live their lives with more clarity and purpose.  If you feel trapped in a cycle of self defeat, willingness to change can greatly improve your ability to heal and grow.  Give yourself a chance, let's start the conversation

Our Treatment Focus


At Rising Higher we believe that we all make sense.  Our behaviors are not by accident.  We encourage our clients to clarify their stories, identify  their needs and begin to live more authentically.  Individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We provide a neutral safe space, with a focus on developing  healthier behaviors which will transform your current state.  Together we will identify your goals and help your authentic self  begin to grow, and rise higher.

Our Patient Promise


We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you increase your awareness, identify  behaviors that no longer serve you, and develop behaviors to identify and meet your needs.  Together we can help you heal from your pain, and rise higher so that  you become your best self.  You are exactly where you are so that you can take this experience and grow.

Clients We Serve


Individual, Couple, and Group Sessions are Available

Adolescents and Adults are our focus.  Anxiety, depression, loss, and substance abuse are some of the issues that we treat.  You can begin to move into a healthier space, give yourself a chance.

Sessions are 45-60 to minutes long.  Individual goals and plans are identified to support clients to begin their journey to wellness.

Women Rising Higher Group 

If you are struggling in your relationships and want to participate in a healthy, healing, and supportive  experience, this group may be your answer.

  The group will  focus on helping participants process issues and increase healthy coping skills.   The group experience offers a unique form of support that helps members heal old patterns and move forward.


Issues Rising Higher Addresses:

Anxiety, Depression, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Co-Dependency, Family Conflict, Bereavement/Grief, Divorce Issues, Self Esteem Issues, Forgiveness, Spirituality , Unresolved traumas/loss, Relationship Problems, and Clinical Supervision.

Treatment Approaches:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing , Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Therapy, Life Coaching, Addiction Treatment Models, Psychodynamic Therapy, EMDR, Holistic/Integrative Therapy, Spiritual/Increasing Awareness/Mindfulness.

Located at 55 Main Street Holmdel, New Jersey

Our office is discretely situated in Holmdel.  The sign is inside the door.  We are located on the second floor.  Please enter through the front door on Main Street.

We offer complimentary phone screenings to clarify your needs... give us a call.

Please Call us at Rising higher. We can help you determine what your needs are and how best to meet them. 

Rising Higher and Healing Codependency Group

If pleasing others seems to guide your thoughts and inhibit you from moving forward, it may be time to begin a new journey of self care.  Co-dependency is a pattern of thinking and behaving that develops when one is involved with a chemically dependent or controlling person.  It can be a spouse , parent, friend, or co-worker.  The need to change or control another is a difficult behavior to heal.  Feeling responsible for others can really exhaust the best of us.  Healthier relationships can unfold as you empower yourself.  Give yourself a chance to rise higher and learn to self focus.

Rising Higher Relapse Prevention Group

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.  Recovery from alcohol/ drug issues require a commitment to change.  This group is designed to provide support, increase insight, and increase skills to remain drug /alcohol free.  You will learn workable tools to help you rise higher and create more joy in your new found clean and sober life. Give yourself a chance.

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Average Cost/ Payment Methods

Individual Session: $100.00-120.00

Clinical Supervision $ 80.00

Group: $50.00-60.00 per session

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1992 New York University  MSW Clinical Social Work

1994 LCSW # 44SC00399600

2015 Certified Clinical Supervisor

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